Buster the Body Surfing Dog

WATCH this CRAZY Dog Body Surf these Waves

Published on May 28, 2016

To watch a dog body surf creates a great spectacle! This determined dog – aka Dolphin Dog Buster the dog – races toward every crashing wave Florida’s Gulf of Mexico has to offer him. always wanting more-MORE! He attacks each swell over & over.
By the time he’s finished playing in the waves he’s beyond worn out.
Busters always been after all bodies of water and often appears to have the shore-line under attack! This video depicts Buster- a once abused & neglected animal- having the time of his life! THE TIME OF HIS LIFE!
The dog in the video, Buster, loved swimming so much that when it was time to go he had to be lured back to shore every time. In other words, this dog – the beloved Buster – was never ready to get out of the water.
Video shot by: Doug Bledsoe
Originally Uploaded Jun 25, 2009
Buster, aka Dolphin Dog, attacks the waves on Melbourne Beach Florida, June 24.


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